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09 April 2007 @ 01:17 am
I have a confession to make-- I've been watching ANTM regularly this cycle. It started out wanting to know how far the plus-size models could get (still rooting for Whitney!) and now I'm actually interested in the show.

I made a batch of icons from the "candy" photoshoot because I just plain liked the way the pictures looked. Obviously some people are going to go "ZOMG objectification" and all that, but honestly? I just liked the pictures for their composition, and I felt like icon-ing them.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is over with...

01. Comment! Let me know what you think.
02. Credit. There's a tutorial here if you don't know how. Obviously this isn't completely necessary, but I like it if you do. :)
03. No hotlinking. Please.

[20] America's Next Top Model icons, "Candy" shoot. There's one that might possibly be not work-safe, just a heads-up.

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08 April 2007 @ 10:44 pm
Okay... so the last time I posted in here was over a year ago. Oops. These are just some fairly random icons-- some of which should have been posted in my last batch (not sure why they weren't...), some from icontest entries, and most of them are absolute crap. A post with NEW stuff is coming soon. :P

01. Comment! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
02. Credit (tutorial here). This one isn't absolutely necessary, but it also makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
03. Don't hotlink. You hotlink, no images for anyone, and no one feels warm and fuzzy.

[11] People/fashion icons (one was an icontest entry)
[2] Random icontest entries
[2] Harry Potter (both were also icontest entries)
[1] Avatar: The Last Airbender base

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So! It took me awhile to get another post up, but here it is. And I have more to post, but figured I'd save them for another day.

1. Comment
2. Credit (tutorial here if you don't know how)
3. No hotlinking!

Teasers: 1. 2. 3.

[1] Harry Potter, [8] Greece, [4] Torquil Campbell, [3] Saskatoon, [9] B&W Women, [40] Uncategorized = [65] icons total.
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